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Ingenique is pleased to announce the General Availability of Rates Stream – our live stream of forex rates to our MoneyConnect System.  With Rates Stream, inter-bank rates will be broadcasted to all the connected handheld tablets, and converted into retail rates using pre-defined formulas set by you.

Pricing your buy/ sell trades correctly is key to the profitability of your business.  With MoneyConnect Rates Stream, inter-bank rates are continuously streamed to your MoneyConnect tablets via internet, or through the MoneyConnect server.  With the inter-bank rates, the tablets will calculate, in real time, the retail buy/ sell rates based on the spread set by you.   All your staff will have the same information on the inter-bank and retail rates, wherever they are.

Why do you need Rates Stream?

  • Helps you monitor and price unlimited number of currencies.
  • Ensures that your staff trade at the correct rates.
  • Ensures your trades are priced correctly, in lock-step with the inter-bank rates.
  • Allows you to focus on your business, instead of monitoring the currency movements.
  • There is no need to subscribe to any third party rates.
  • You know the inter-bank and retail rates wherever you are.

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