Friday, 09 Mar 2018
2:00pm to 5:00pm
STI Auditorium, 168 Robinson Road. Capital Tower, 9th Floor Singapore 068912

1:45pm Registration
2:00pm Terrorism in Southeast Asia by Martin Lim, Ingenique Solutions
2:30pm Cyber Crime and Money Laundering by Alfred Chia, SingCapital
3:15pm Refreshment
3:45pm Prevention of Corruption by Cheot Zhi Chen, Principal Special Investigator, CPIB
4:30pm Q&A
5:00pm End


Seminar Venue

Nearest MRT Tanjong Pagar MRT (Exit F)

Program Detail

Terrorism in Southeast Asia

Terrorism has become a daily occurrence globally. Beyond the daily news on terrorist strikes, this session will share with you an overview of the terrorist threats in South East Asia, and how these terrorist groups get their funding.

Cyber Crime and Money Laundering

With technology and crypto-currency, cyber crime adds on different dimensions to money laundering.  Plus, the rising trends of cyber- attacks such as ransomware, data leaks such as Panama and Paradise Papers, your business can be exposed to costly expenses and possible claims from third parties.  Law enforcements such as the case involving lawyer and real estate salesperson in 2017 for not making ‘Suspicious Transaction’ report heightened the compliance vigilance.  Alfred will present on the impact of cyber crime and money laundering.  He will present on the various types of legal and civil liabilities with case studies.  He will also share on important cyber-risk management strategies.

Prevention of Corruption

Singapore has always pride ourselves as a corruption free country.  This is a title that we want to maintain.  This session is CPIB Public Education Talk where participants can expect to learn:

  • Definition of Corruption
  • Singapore’s success in keeping corruption under control
  • Preventive Measures
  • Case Studies