Looking for an affordable Practice Management System?

tessaract.io is a case management software for accounting firms and corporate services providers. It is designed for absolute efficiency and refined control of tasks and schedules and seamlessly manage your end-to-end interactions with your clients. tessaract.io also keeps track of workflow, screens your customer for AML/CFT compliance, scheduling, and billing of cases from initial execution to eventual completion.

Document Management

tessaract.io gives you the power to keep track of workflow, scheduling, and billing of cases from initial execution to eventual completion.


tessaract.io works flawlessly with your current cloud storage solutions for easy retrieval and management of files.

Anti-Money Laundering Screening

tessaract.io integrates with leading SentroWeb-T AML/CFT screening engine for AML/CFT regulatory compliance.

Find Anything

tessaract.io utilizes Optical Character Recognition technology to scan and identify text on all documents uploaded making global searches simple and painless.

Document Assembly

tessaract.io increases productivity by letting you standardise common legal documents and create easy-to-use templates that are faster to fill out.


Optical Character Recognition helps you save time by harnessing the power of technology to extract and repurpose text.

Case Management

tessaract.io is designed for absolute efficiency and refined control of tasks and time

Analytics Dashboard

The Analytics Dashboard provides an overview of business operations and case management enabling both managerial and day to day decision making.

SOP Builder

Link established processes together to create a convenient and efficient workflow for common legal procedures.

Case Template

Merge established SOPs and targeted Document Assembly to create case templates that are specific to your firm’s needs.

Duplicate Processes

tessaract.io saves precious time by replicating commonly performed tasks for quick and effortless implementation into new cases.

Implement Immediately

tessaract.io wants to take the pain out of company-wide implementation. With seamless integration of your current organizational systems, tessaract.io guarantees a one day onboarding with minimal staff training and system downtime.

Client Management

Take client relationships to the next level with our suite of features that lets you communicate with clients with ease while maintaining privacy.

Integrate Schedules

tessaract.io integrates with Google Calendar and Outlook right out of the box for seamless synchronization of meetings, deadlines, and reminders.

Speak Freely

VoIP technology enables high fidelity calls from your mobile phone around the world at local rates, making communication easy, fuss-free, and efficient.

Talk Anywhere

Our chat platform takes texting to the next level with cross-platform compatibility for easy communication with clients from your mobile or desktop.

Expense Tracking

Quickly log expenses and upload receipts to the finance team for review, approval, and reimbursement.


tessaract.io features a powerful billing system that helps you prepare invoices and keep track of the status of invoices that has been submitted, paid, or in arrears.

Time Tracking

Track and label individual tasks such as phone calls, client consultation or document drafting separately using the built-time time tracking software.

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