Looking for a long term technology partner?

Ingenique Solutions wants to be the go-to company for ideas and innovations to improve productivity, automate processes and have management decision support. We provide end-to-end turn key solutions that can include both IT hardwares and softwares.  We are able to design, build and operate the systems that we provide. In all our engagements with our clients, we want to forge long term relationships by giving our clients outstanding service and a peace of mind. 


Application Development

Need a system to improve productivity, automate processes or provide decision support, but can't find a cost effective application? Talk to Ingenique. We can design and develop software applications that can be customized to fit your business operating environment. To deliver quality softwares, we adopt industry best practices in requirement analysis, design modeling, software development and testing, and deployment.

Data Analytics

Need to make sense of data? We can help you extract data from any sources, and mine valuable and actionable information from unstructured sources.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Consultancy

Need to implement AML policies and procedures in your organization? We can help by conducting a company wide AML risk assessment, developing company policies and procedures, and training your staff in implementing these procedures.

Want to discuss how we can help?

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