Looking for a Point-of-Sales System for your money change business?

MoneyConnect, our flagship product, is an advanced mobile Point of Sale and retail business management solution for money changers. MoneyConnect is a new concept currency trading platform that contains a host of features that simplify the way you quote and do trades. With MoneyConnect, it gives you a clear snapshot of how your business is performing at any time by tracking your inventory, costs and profitability for all your money change deals. 

MoneyConnect is integrated with our live forex feeds via Rates Stream. With Rates Stream, your retail rates can be priced according to the movements of inter-bank rates, thereby maintaining the profitability of each buy and sell deals.

In addition, with MoneyConnect Sentinel-MC, you can conduct Anti Money Laundering/ Counter Financing of Terrorism checks at the point of sales, within seconds. 



MoneyConnect not only track sales, inventory, process payments, but most importantly, it gives speedy and accurate checkouts. It helps your staff service your customers with confidence and keep your customers happy.


MoneyConnect displays your money stocks in user defined panels. Forex Rates are automatically streamed and formulated into retail rates. In addition, Anti-Money Laundering checks are conducted at the point of transaction.

MoneyConnect Money Changer Point of Sales


MoneyConnect uses wireless tablets as front-end deal entry systems and a compact server and printers on the back-end. So you save on precious desktop real estate because we know you have space constraints. No more worries about too many wires and cables everywhere.


MoneyConnect is backed by proven technologies used in enterprise grade applications. Distributed client-server architecture allows scalability and resilency in your business.

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